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I still have to read it, but I read excerpts from Rob Lowe’s new book in the Vanity Fair article and have to say it sparked my curiosity.

Being a teen myself in the 80’s Lowe was never my favorite heart-throb (Judd Nelson, Andrew Mccarthy and James Spader were more my cup of tea).

But he did act in one of my favorite movies from that era: The Outsiders, ( I loved it more than E.T)  so I guess, that counts for something..

So Rob, here’s to you and I hope you make a shitload of money, cause I know it must be really hard being an aging 80’s icon, no matter how many times a day, you work-out.

I know you have a regular spot on Parks & recreations, but let’s face it that show has also ran its course. So that was one brilliant move, writing the bio!



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